A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Jabberwocky is a game inspired by the 2D Zelda titles, based on the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.

You are a young knight charged with saving the kingdom from a terrifying monster. You must adventure through the sprawling overworld, solve puzzles, and fight bosses on your journey. While you're playing, keep an eye out for secret tokens!

So good luck, brave knight, on your quest to slay the Jabberwock!



- arrow keys to move

- Z to interact and skip/advance text

- X to attack

- F4 to toggle fullscreen


- left joystick / D-pad to move

- A to interact and skip/advance text

- X to attack

NOTE: Most gamepads should work, but the listed buttons are for the Xbox layout. Use the equivalent buttons on your gamepad.

Programming / text / level design by python-b5

Art / level design by Sam Gorman

Music by Visager
(except the song that plays in the house, which is from https://freesound.org/people/Airwolf89/sounds/346454/)


Jabberwocky (Android).apk 22 MB
Jabberwocky (Ubuntu).zip 12 MB
Jabberwocky (Windows).zip 11 MB

Install instructions


Extract files and run Jabberwocky.exe.


Run command:

sudo apt install libcurl4 libopenal1

This will install necessary packages. Then extract files and run the Jabberwocky executable.


Enable installing from unknown sources, then install the .apk file and run the app like any other.

Development log


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I had fun with what I played :) 

This game is slow in every sense of the word. Movement is unreasonably slow, as in how did they think this was acceptable slow. If you hold down a button for the entire game (that it doesn't tell you) and give yourself carpal tunnel, it becomes moderately slow. Attacking is slow. Dialogue is slow with no text speed options (looking at the page now there's apparently a skip text button but the game doesn't tell you this, and why would you not just use B like every other game?). I got 10 minutes in and couldn't continue.

(3 edits)

Sorry you didn't like the game! I agree that the movement especially is very slow - movement speeds are hard in pixel art games since there's not a ton you can pick from, and I definitely chose wrong for this game.

I might push out a patch that fixes a few of your issues (namely, I'll make the player always run, set the text skip button to the same as the interact one, and show controls on startup). I was already working on a small bug-fix patch, so I can quickly add these things in. It should probably be out in a few days.

I think I've definitely gotten better in the years since I made this; this was one of my first games :)


Alright, well, that may have taken a little longer than a few days, since I ended up adding a lot of stuff. 1.2 is out, and should fix at least some of your issues.

just downloaded from BLM bundle, Jabberwocky has always been one of my favorite stories, very excited to play!!!

Hope you enjoy!