Jabberwocky 1.2 (+ Android build)

Jabberwocky 1.2 is out, over two years after launch! It's mainly a QoL and bug fix update, but it comes with a new experimental Android build, downloadable as an APK. Give it a try if you have an Android phone handy!


  • Added experimental Android build
  • Added ultrawide support
  • Added control guide on startup
  • Added sound effect for swinging sword
  • Disabled walking (you now always run)
  • Set text skip button to same as interact button
  • Replaced overworld decorations
  • Fixed crash when pushing multiple boxes at the same time (this was supposed to be fixed in 1.1, but somehow remained in the game!)
  • Fixed other miscellaneous bugs (too many to list)


Jabberwocky (Android).apk 22 MB
Jun 17, 2022
Jabberwocky (Ubuntu).zip 12 MB
Jun 17, 2022
Jabberwocky (Windows).zip 11 MB
Jun 17, 2022

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How is this version a fraction of the filesize of previous versions? Down from nearly 200 MB to under 20. Was anything cut?

(3 edits)

The music was compressed to .ogg from .wav and some unused files were removed to keep the filesize small (in case the Android version goes on the Play Store).

The original version's filesize was mostly the uncompressed music ;)

Ahh, that certainly explains it. Audio is usually the most bulky part of a game, I believe.