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Programming by python-b5

Art + music by Sam Gorman

The slime factory's attempt to make sentient slimes went horribly wrong - they escaped and are roaming the factory's halls! You, a small worker robot, must escape the factory before you get overwhelmed in slime. The only way to kill slimes is by grabbing them with your robot claw and bursting them using your own momentum. Jump from a high spot or dash into walls to rid the factory of those pesky slimes. Your fuel depletes over time, and drains even faster during certain moves. Kill all the slimes before you run out of fuel to proceed to the next level. Traverse through the factory, into the abandoned caves below, and across the city rooftops to finally escape this slimy nightmare.

CONTROLS (controller/keyboard):

  • Left stick/arrow keys Move
  • Right stick/shift + arrow keys Move the claw when it's extended. You can shorten it, lengthen it, or switch it to another direction.
  • A/Z - Jump
  • X/C - Toggle claw. Make sure to retract the claw when you're done using it! Slimes will be dropped if the claw is retracted while they're attached.
  • Right trigger/X - Rocket boost! Aim up or sideways with left stick/arrow keys. Use to cross large gaps or jump up higher.
  • Left trigger/CTRL - Dash! Hold the button to run really fast and smash slimes against walls. Be careful - it uses a lot of fuel!
  • Select/R - Reset level
  • F11 - Toggle fullscreen

If you hit the ground fast enough while holding a slime, the slime will die!

Controller is recommended for the optimal experience (keyboard is a little janky).

NOTE: Momentum is a game jam game, meaning that it may have some bugs and crashes. Please report any you find in the comments for a post-jam version (to be released after the jam's rating period)!

Now get slime hunting!


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