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Scarlet Castle and Azure Castle used to be at war, but now they have formed an unsteady truce, and are each other's most important trade partner. However, tensions are rising between the kingdoms; this unstable alliance must be maintained. 

You, a young farmer, have been tasked with delivering gifts back and forth to the two castles. Be warned, however: in the valley between them lies a sprawling labyrinth, inhabited by a vicious Minotaur who will chase you relentlessly. Stay on your toes and distract it with flares to grab your prizes and save the kingdoms!

Just as the maze is a perplexing puzzle, so too is each gem: you must manipulate the beast to your own advantage and figure out the best times to use your abilities. The Minotaur is fast and wicked, so remain on edge at all times!

CONTROLS (keyboard/gamepad):

Arrow keys/D-pad or joystick - move

Z/A - place flare/interact

X - push Minotaur away

Now on to your quest, brave farmer! Obey the kings and restabilize their alliance!


A Gift in Good Faith.zip 44 MB

Install instructions

Extract .zip file and run gift.exe.

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