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PyDungeon is an upcoming game about traversing through a dungeon. It's based on the roguelike formula (permadeath, random levels, top-down movement), but with Zelda-like weapons like swords and bombs, and real-time battles.

PyDungeon is in active development and is hopefully going to release early 2019.

Pre-order PyDungeon now and get it for cheaper than it will be when released!


Pre-order Now$3.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.50 USD. You will get access to the following files when they are released:

PyDungeon (preorder)


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Is a Steam key included at least? Who would preorder without a video or at least some screenshots. Need more info.

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Sorry for the *super* late reply! I did not expect anyone to preorder when I put the game up here; I am simply giving the option. Gameplay trailers and screenshots will come soon! I just don't quite have them ready yet. Additionally, I do not intend to put the game on Steam unless it is recieved well here on Itch, so there is no Steam key to give. Check out the game later, when there will be gameplay footage and screenshots. Thanks for your comment, though! :)

Thank you for the reply. Unless you have something really special to offer - you aren't going to get really any traction here on Itch. I wish you the best, but the market is just so flooded with small project games. I'm interested in trying your game, so if you want someone to play an early build let me know.

Thanks! I'll let you know when I have something playable - it's hard to make a trailer when level generation isn't done! :)